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Skydive Hawaii Economic Analysis

Posted on 12/26/2012 by Skydive Hawaii

A short summary of Skydive Hawaii's economic impact & aspirations for the future. We look forward to another wonderful year of skydiving above Oahu's beautiful North Shore

Skydive Hawaii is a large, locally owned, driver in the North Shore of Oahu’s economy, and is currently experiencing growth at a 10% per annum rate due to increased popularity of the sport of skydiving and the company’s policy to plowback nearly all of it’s retained earnings. The skydiving center currently attracts over 25,000 visitors a year, and produces over $5,000,000 in revenues per annum. The company employs 12 full time employees & 40 contractors. In addition, the company does business with many other companies within the State, which extends the economic impact of Skydive Hawaii by an even greater magnitude in the local market.

The skydiving center derives its market from many sources internationally, but  it’s market is composed of three main segments: residents, tourists, and military. Its largest market segment is the tourist segment; it comprises 60% of our total market. The second largest segment is our military segment at 25%. Finally, local residents comprise about 15% of our market. 99% of our total market chooses to make their first skydives with us, while 1% of our market chooses to return for a second skydive or to continue their training toward certification. Our market percentage for sport skydivers from abroad is noted, yet insignificant since airport and local infrastructure can not support the large skydiving events prevalent at other major skydiving centers; however, Skydive Hawaii hopes that this will change in the future, and that Hawaii can be a destination for sport skydivers.

Skydive Hawaii is committed to promoting the sport of skydiving within the State of Hawaii. The company continuously supports public skydiving demonstration events, and understands its own mutual dependence in the economy by giving back to the community that supports the skydiving center. Skydive Hawaii makes charitable donations to community groups such as Malama Pupukea-Waimea, Ka Aha Hui Na'auao, Friends of Waialua Band Stand, Ka Waianu O Haloa, Hawaii Polo, Waialua High School and Waialua Community Association. The skydiving community itself strives to make a positive impact and participates in various community service projects to clean and beautify the area it calls home.

Skydive Hawaii remains committed to being a major player in the North Shore’s economy, and hopes to do more good for the community that it helps to support. With over 2,500 flights per year, Skydive Hawaii is one of the most active general aviation companies in the State of Hawaii, and yet still does not receive the attention it deserves as a major economic engine. As the company looks toward the future, the only malaise in its current strong growth can be attributed to the State’s current lack of support, and in some cases active hindrance. Skydive Hawaii hopes that coordination with the State will improve with time, and that Skydive Hawaii can become the real economic driver that it was intended to be from its conception.