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Skydive Hawaii®

"The World's Most Beautiful
Skydiving Center" is at Dillingham Airfield
on Oahu's North Shore.

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Skydive Hawaii®

Dillingham Airfield

68-760 Farrington Hwy, Box 1

Waialua, HI 96791 

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Reservations1: (808) 637-9700

Reservations2: (808) 945-0222

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 Skydiving History

Hawaii history trivia:  Did you know that the first parachute jump in Hawaii was made way back in November 1889 before there were airplanes?  The first records of any flight in Hawaii go back to July 1889 with Professor Melville flying in a hot air balloon off Punchbowl.  On November 18, 1889, a balloon flight was made by Mr. Joseph Van Tassell also off the slopes of Punchbowl.  As the trade winds took the balloon out to sea, Van Tassell parachuted out of the balloon into Keehi Lagoon.  In February 1897 Professor James Price flew in a balloon ascending to 3,000 feet above "Remond Grove" (now in the Pearl City area) on Oahu before parachuting safely back to earth.

In modern Hawaiian history, the first skydiving center on the island of Hawaii has opened at Upolu Airport.  Tandem skydives are generally limited to the early morning hours due to the strong trade winds which develop nearly every day.  Reservations may be made and more information obtained at

Welcome to the official website of Skydive Hawaii™

Hawaii's Most Exciting Adventure!

Experience skydiving at the World's Most Beautiful Drop Zone.
Tandem skydive from 20,000', 14,000' or 12,000', with altitude guaranteed!

스카이 다이빙, 하와이 

Use our Online Reservations system at least 3 days prior to your jump for the best discounts. 

808 945-0222
or toll free in the US
(877) 518-4416

We feature licensed, professional, USPA Instructors.  Our friendly staff, many of whom are independent contractors, is best known for years of teaching and will make your first skydiving experience memorable and fun.  We are ready for your arrival between 8:30am to 3:00pm.  Walk ins without reservations can be accommodated and are welcomed on most days.

Skydive Hawaii® was again selected as Hawaii's #1 Skydiving Company in 2012 by people making their first jumps, and we are jumping even more now.  Located at the Dillingham Airfield, we're known as as the Center of Skydiving in the Pacific.  Close to 20,000 people each year place their faith in us for their first tandem event, more than all other Hawaiian skydiving companies combined.  Skydive Hawaii® is where Aloha jumps.

Flying above the clouds and falling through the Hawaiian skies at 120mph is an adventure you will always remember and treasure. Enjoy our regular 12,000' guaranteed tandem exits for $150, with $50 deposit paid on-line 3 days in advance on your reservation or the guaranteed higher altitude exit at 14,000' for just $175.  The 20,000' tandem which includes the photo/DVD option, requires advance approval and is limited to 2 tandems per flight for $998 per person.  More information is on our First Time Skydiving page.

You may wish to purchase a HD DVD for $150 and digital photographs for $100 of your tandem skydive to share with family and friends.  Photos are discounted $25 when you book on-line.  Both photos and DVD are $210 when purchased together, just include and pay for the DVD with your reservation.

Some reasons for choosing Skydive Hawaii® 

  Commitment to education and safety
  World's Most Beautiful Drop Zone
  Hawaii's most exciting activity'
  USPA Licensed instructors, Hawaii's Best
  Hawaii's senior USPA Group Member
  Fastest, fuel efficient  jump plane
  Hawaii's oldest and most experienced
  Choice of world film crews
  Longest hours of operation
  Most jump flights daily in Hawaii
  Green, energy saving plane
  American tandem gear
  USPA licensed American owner
  Best facilities for customers
  Most student instruction
  Community involvement
   Highest guaranteed tandem skydive in Hawaii - up to 20,000 feet 

Both of our Cessna Caravans continue to make us the fastest skydiving operation in Hawaii - meaning more enjoyment for you.  The wide door gives you a safer jump exit and the relaxing bench seats position you for great scenic views of the North Shore. 

Customers enjoy the lower carbon footprint of our aircraft as compared to a twin engine or wasteful Garrett modified Caravan.  N248PA joined the fleet of fuel efficient Skydive Hawaii Caravans in 2011 to provide more flexability and lift for both the sport enthusiest and tandem skydiver.  In 2012 this aircraft was modified with a XP42A engine upgrade, guaranteeing you 12,000' in altitude for our regular tandem skydive.  N9454F is now equipted with both a crew and passenger oxygen sytem, allowing the aircraft to have tandem exits up to 20,000'

 After your parachute opens, you can take in a view of Oahu few people ever see.  On a clear day, it is possible to see the other Hawaiian Islands. Whales are back for the winter months.  As you fly to the landing area, you see spectacular views of Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, Kaena Point, and the North Shore coastline.  You can also see whales and other marine life. 

Skydive Hawaii® comes highly recommended by:

Frommer's Honolulu, Waikiki & Oahu  By Jeanette Foster;

Pauline Frommer's Hawaii By David Thompson, Lesa M. Griffith, Joan Conrow, Pauline Frommer; 

Loney Planet Oahu By Glenda Bendure, Ned Friary;

Top 10 Honolulu & Oahu  By Bonnie Friedman; and

Frommer's Honolulu & Oahu Day by Day  By Jeanette Foster



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A USPA Coaches Course will be held January 18-20.  You must possess a SIM (E-version is fine) and USPA IRM that is current within the past 2 years (You must possess a 2011/2012 IRM).  I...
Military discount on Student Skydiving in October
 Skydive Hawaii® will hold special group Freefall School  classes on Friday evenings during October 2012.  A $250 discount from the $1,400 course price will be given to class participan...
Get your photos/video on a thumb drive - $5
Our mixing staff will put your video and or photos on a Skydive Hawaii 2GB thumb drive for an additional $5, just let the video editing staff know after your skydive.  Placing your video on a thu...
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